artful objects for inside and out


I am an Oregon native with a bachelor’s degree in sculpture from Portland State University. I fell in love with steel when I took my first welding class there in 2003. I created Indio Metal Arts in 2012.

I think all objects should be well designed, beautiful and built to last. I keep this in mind no matter what steel object I’m welding in the studio, functional or decorative.

I use as much salvaged material as possible from scrap yards around the state. Scrap has an imbedded history and character that folds into each piece I build. When inspired by these unique shapes the results are one of a kind.

My design style incorporates clean lines, bold and graphic shapes. I focus on the elegance of form, saying the most with the least material. I often think of the line from the Heart Sutra, “form is emptiness and, emptiness is form,” to remain aware of visual space and how it communicates. I am also inspired by the Japanese discipline of ikebana. I admire the rich beauty in its minimalism as well as how it uses asymmetry to find balance. I know that what looks simple in its design was not effortless to create.

The garden is an extension of the home, a place to connect with nature. My larger sculptural work integrates into one’s cultivated outdoor space. I also build architectural details, garden accents, art to hang from branches or sprout from planted beds. When I create a trellis I want it to please the eye as well as be useful. They can be used as a visual screen by growing vines or vegetables, then become a stand alone piece in the winter.

As well as outdoor work I also build objects for the home. I have a line of tables, benches, lanterns and chandeliers.

I’m a lifelong learner. In my late teens I majored in ceramics and went on to apprentice with a potter. I’ve studied jewelry making at the Multnomah Arts Center. Over the last 20 years I’ve studied photography at three institutions. I take all the photographs of my work for this website. I’m an avid gardener and have worked since 2006 to transform my grass backyard into a lush garden. I use it as a backdrop for all the photographs of my work.

I’m the vice president of an artist co-op, Artistic Portland, downtown Portland on 3rd & Taylor. I am the treasurer for the Pacific Northwest Sculptors Group as well as the spring show treasurer for the Creative Metal Arts Guild.

Member of these fine organizations: Artistic PortlandCreative Metal Arts Guild,  Pacific NW SculptorsHardy Plant Society of Oregon, and Mt. Hood Rock Club.


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