artful objects for inside and out


I’m an Oregon native with a double major in sculpture and graphic design from Portland State University. I fell in love with steel when I took my first welding class there in 2003. I went on to work at the Oregon Zoo creating animal habitats, then to Laika to create miniature landscapes for puppets on stop motion movie sets.

Now I work full time in the studio, preparing for art festivals, gallery shows and commissions. With Indio Metal Arts, created in 2012, I design and build steel free standing sculpture, architectural elements and trellises.

I believe all objects should be well designed, beautiful and built to last. I keep this in mind no matter what steel object I’m welding in the studio, functional or decorative.

I use as much salvaged material as possible from scrap yards around the state. Scrap has an imbedded history and character that folds into each piece I build. When inspired by these unique shapes the results are one of a kind.

My design style incorporates clean lines with bold and graphic shapes. I focus on the elegance of form, saying the most with the least material. I often think of the line from the Heart Sutra, “form is emptiness, and emptiness is form”. It helps me to remain aware of objects and how they communicate in visual space. I’m also inspired by the Japanese discipline of ikebana, a classic form of floral arrangement. I admire the rich beauty in its minimalism as well as how it uses asymmetry to find balance. I know that what looks simple was not effortless to create.

Member of these fine organizations: Artistic PortlandCreative Metal Arts Guild,  Pacific NW SculptorsHardy Plant Society of Oregon, and Mt. Hood Rock Club.

Portrait in flame- 2018