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new spring line of grid trellises

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The Organic Grid. This trellis is a grid but has lots of movement and irregularity. The top rods extend out beyond the trellis and each piece will a have one circular element on the corner. Roughly 6′ H x 2′ W.


This is Mondrian Lithe. The elegant frame is 3/8ths rod with a variety of rod, strap and rebar as the internal grid structure. 2″ W x 6′ H.


Mondrian Heft. This trellis has a 1/2 ” steel rod frame with a variety of rod, strap, rebar and random bits up to 5/8ths as the grid structure. Pieces may vary in size. Roughly 6′ H x 2′ W.


Mondrian Scrappy. This trellis uses a grid structure that includes all the above yet adds sections of perforated and expanded steel, a laser drop or other industrial element. The end result is more of a screen or opaque quality. Sizes may vary due to found objects. Roughly 6′ H x 2′ W.

get nesty



I’m really enjoying these organic nesty objects. Here is the orb (20″ H) and the egg (27″ H x 19″ W). It’s the perfect use for the tangled strap I find at the steel yard. I can take advantage of the distortion to create unique outcomes. I add all widths and thicknesses into the object so it feels like all the random twigs a bird may collect for a nest.

arching spa chime

SPAchimeviewSM spaCHIMEdetail1SPAchimedetail2SM

The spa chime was created from a swedish hot tub. There is lot of texture in the surface of this piece. Three hoops hang from an industrial hook which is attached to the tip of the arching stand. The base is staked into the soil with a three prongs. 5 ‘ H in total, chime is 20″ H.

This will be available with many new pieces at my next show, ArtBurst, at Marylhurst University.